James Knight

Actor/Director/Teaching Artist

My teaching philosophy
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I want to teach students who are hungry to act and hungry to live. I strive to teach my students to use their senses to observe the world around them and to use their empathy to better understand that world. I firmly believe that in order to recreate the human experience onstage or on film, you must be an observant and empathetic member of society. Doing so creates not only a better actor, but a better person.

Quotes from Letters of Recommendation

“He has proven to be a dynamic and courageous actor, a compassionate educator, and an intelligent, intuitive, and curious collaborator."

“James Knight is an artist who is continually honing his craft and also eager to share his journey with others. He is relatable as an instructor and has great rapport with students; he is open to students’ thoughts and input; and he invests in their improvement and growth.”

David M. White, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Towson University Department of Theatre Arts
Artistic Director, WordBRIDGE Playwrights Laboratory

“[James] also works well with the younger actors in the company, who learn from both watching him work as well as his ability to impart his acting knowledge to others.”

“James is an excellent colleague. Personable and hard-working, he can be found tackling any chore that needs to be done.”

“I know James to be intelligent, well-educated and articulate, as well as a fine actor and colleague.”

Dr. M. Crosby Hunt
Professor of Speech & Theatre, Middle Tennessee State University

“James made use of his learned skill sets from voice, movement, acting and physical theatre in creating a rich, safe and creative environment for these students. The student feedback was exceptional.”

“In addition to his extensive professional experience, curiosity and creativity he has a collective spirit and will be a positive influence in the creative process.”

“James has an infectious sense of humor that contributes to his positive approach to problem solving, performance and teaching.”

Dale AJ Rose
Director of Performance Training, University of Connecticut
Associate Artistic Director, Connecticut Repertory Theatre

Teaching CV